So Robin Williams just died… fuck.


time Is ill matic
his face tho

Some people are so quick to send over cash once the TV starts playing that ad, you know, the ad with the little brown boy starving in some nondescript part of the world. Those ads play just at the right time don’t they? It just plays on your white guilt, like I know your sending cash over a fucking text just to make yourself feel better and suppress that guilt for another day. Honestly you don’t have to go far in the UK to see kids starving. Go to any estate (Public housing) in Britain and you’ll see some shit and start asking some questions. 

Educate yourself. 

I just can’t get along with people who are born into wealth. Now trust me It’s not coming from a place of hate or jealously (even though I know you would like it to be, but trust me love, everything isn’t about you) We just wont be able to have a balanced conversation. Now you probably think you do but you cannot even comprehend 'the struggle' (as some people like to sum it up) Growing up in Hackney (East London) i’ve seen some shit you won’t believe happens in the western world. When forced into a corner human beings are capable of some real crazy shit. However this shit doesn’t seem so crazy when you’ve been in a similar position.